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What do users from other Stack Exchange sites think of Worldbuilding Stack Exchange?

We have had a lot of questions reach the Hot Network Questions list recently, which is probably related to the current topic challenge, religion. This means that there are a lot of outside viewers ...
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Is Worldbuilding a What If Site?

A few months back, my participation on this site dropped heavily for various reasons, most of them real life commitments. Now I've come back, and there's something I've noticed. When I left, the site ...
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2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Worldbuilding Stack Exchange is newly scheduled for an election starting next week, July 2nd. In connection with that election, as we've done in previous elections, we will be hosting a Q&A here ...
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Are the "spoon" questions on-topic? And should they be?

I'm not currently a particularly active user on Worldbuilding, although I've contributed a bunch of answer back when the site was new. I do, however, regularly visit several other sites on the Stack ...
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Is a "real world" question off topic?

I recently came across this: How do I know if my moon is full? It's been closed as off topic by several high reputation users as not being about worldbuilding. It clearly is though, it's information ...
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How do we feel about questions where the answer is "it exists in the real world?"

Suppose someone has asked "How could I do this thing in my fiction world?" or "If such a thing happened in my fiction world, what would be the consequences?" As such, the question is completely on-...
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Enough is enough. NOBODY can obey rules that are only in someone's head [duplicate]

Relating to this question. Since when can a question be closed for poor quality? The two respondants to my challenge to justify the closure said that it's just a physics question (which we answer ...
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Why does WB.SE treat social sciences as non-existent?

I do not know how to talk about it politely, please excuse my bluntness. This question (Can gender identity exist in a world without gender roles?) is the perfect example that the WB.SE community ...
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2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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We're going to upgrade the Help Center page, here is the 100,000-foot-view discussion of the what-we-cans and what-we-can'ts

@HDE226868 has agreed to help us update the Help Center pages. I believe it's time for a fairly thorough review of what we want for the next stage in the Stack's lifespan. It's an opportunity we're ...
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How curious is too curious?

The fallout from Worse than zombies, part 1, has reminded me that I keep meaning to ask to what extent one can ask question about things they are curious about rather than issue they need answers to. ...
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I believe WB:SE has a bias against non-heterosexual questions. Maybe it ought to stop

Relating to this question but also based on observations with other questions about non-heterosexuality. Our site appears to have a problem with allowing questions about sexuality to remain open. ...
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Real World Worldbuilding?

I'm mainly active on Writing SE, but I'll often redirect someone here if I think their question is primarily about worldbuilding. However, I consider worldbuilding to be any kind of background ...
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Should the hard-science tag be retired?

It is evident that many of the people who use it either don't read the guidance, or are very confused about the scientific accuracy of a lot of popular media. I suspect they think they know what "...
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A proposal to establish policy regarding the torture and execution tags

Although most questions tagged torture and execution are unquestionably well within the scope of Worldbuilding, some were or might have been inappropriate causing a discussion about the validity of ...
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