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Checklist for the perfect post - Idea refinement

The post is now created, using the top 10 questions as of the 25th of may '16. But you can still feel free to add your helpful questions for interested users (make sure to use the template below). ...
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2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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There are too many world UNbuilding answers and comments

When I joined this site, I felt I missed a lot by not joining before. I really enjoy the questions as well as the answers. Not to be misunderstood, I am a scientist myself. I always trust in concrete ...
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How curious is too curious?

The fallout from Worse than zombies, part 1, has reminded me that I keep meaning to ask to what extent one can ask question about things they are curious about rather than issue they need answers to. ...
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Do we need the [idea-based] tag on Main?

I was just going through the "Suggested Edit" review queue and saw a tag wiki edit suggestion there for a tag that was recently created, which read as: This tag is used by questions that requires ...
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Storytelling and plot building

Just saying: The whole "this is story telling and not world building" discussion will eventually lead to ...
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How to make a "Fishing for Ideas" question fit on Worldbuilding Main

Being the most creative and imaginative Stack in the Stack Exchange library has a handful of disadvantages. Stack Exchange's basic behavior is to expect a single objective and answerable question that ...
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Considered harmful: questions where the asker expects us to figure out a scientific explanation or alternative for their handwavium

Latest offender: Need counters for a near perfect Anti Thermal and Kinetic armor system in a near future setting Another example: Could alien organisms evolve to utilize Thermoelectric cooling(the ...
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What custom close reasons, if any, do we need at present?

We can have up to three custom close reasons offered when voting to close a question. (More can be added by request if there is a demonstrated, pressing need.) Do we have any situations arising often ...
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Moderator Post Closing Policy

I feel the need to publicly lodge my complaints. The problem This question went into the review queue and picked up two close votes (and at least one keep open vote from me) before being summarily ...
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Should we be blacklisted from HNQ?

I just spotted our current hnq question, and did a double-take before realizing what stack it was from. This happens more often here. Considering the recent mess with IPS, should we consider ...
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How to be a close voter

The value of precedent One of the most important principles in organizing a just society is the equally applicable rule of law. Worldbuilding is, while perhaps seeming trivial compared to a nation, ...
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Should we rename Idea Generation?

Based on this question. I don't really like "Idea Generation" as a reason to close. It seems like too much of a subtle reason to me, since really this entire site is about ideas. Even the ...
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Opinion on questions that involve 'idea generation' or lack a 'right answer'

Perhaps such a post already exists but I couldn't find it. Basically I wanted to ask what exactly are the problems associated with adding 'idea generation' related questions to the scope of this site....
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Can I ask others to create features for my world?

I was about to ask the question "what exotic states of matter would you create?" (state of matter as in gas, liquid, solid etc). I would give a couple of examples of exotic states of matter I created ...
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