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Magic is primarily opinion-based by definition, so what does a POB VTC mean?

Considering the closure of Is magical rapid premature aging painful? And relating to this meta question and this meta question. Magic is Primarily Opinion-Based (POB) by definition. Without some ...
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Do we need the [idea-based] tag on Main?

I was just going through the "Suggested Edit" review queue and saw a tag wiki edit suggestion there for a tag that was recently created, which read as: This tag is used by questions that requires ...
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Putting opinion based questions on hold, too fast

Let us compare 2 questions How long would it take to transform a human into a space-ship and back? Building capabilities of a realistic nanobot swarm Are people too fast in putting on hold things they ...
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Idea Refinement: Clarification and Examples of VTC Reasons for New Users

This page was written before the late 2019 changes to close-voting. However, much of the information is still relevant. -JBH The Welcome to Worldbuilding.SE! page for new users is up and running. My ...
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Consensus for Shapes for an Infinite Animal

This is in regard to the question Shapes for an Infinite Animal. I consider the question to be lacking some critical criteria to be objectively answerable with a "best" answer, and commented as such (...
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"I have an implausible end goal. Please tell me how to get there!!"

Plausible Weapon or Other to Cause Space-stage Civilization to Shatter and Revert to Primitive Societies Since I am horrible at coming up with ideas, I couldn't think of a circumstance or weapon ...
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What's up with the "wormholes or Alcubierre drive" question being "primarily opinion-based"?

This is about the question Which is more feasible: Wormholes or an Alcubierre Drive?, which was closed by community vote as "primarily opinion-based". I honestly fail to see what's primarily opinion-...
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Clarification about why question was put on hold

I was surprised this afternoon to discover my question had been put on hold for being "too broad," despite positive reception of the question and some surprisingly good answers. Considering broad &...
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"Primarily Opinion Based" is a reason to edit, not to close

In keeping with the remarks I made when running for moderator (see #3), I found this post from a relative newcomer as a perfect case. It has 13 answers including a high-voted accepted answer. So, ...
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Why are questions with multiple answers off-topic?

I'm basically asking about questions which do have short, objective answers, but it may be subjective to determine which is the best answer. Like suppose mankind now has xyz technology, which ...
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Fortnightly Topic Challenge #23: Santa

Now begins our twenty third topic challenge! Topic: santa Dates: 21 Dec - 4 Jan Proposed by: Santa Claus is the embodiment of the holidays season. Why not trying to get Santa in our worlds? Or ...
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Hot or Not - the Opinion based question, the sandbox game

The game is simple You post an answer with a question and description why it is not an opinion based question - and you get comments why it is an opinion based question. You post an answer with a ...
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Clarification for new users: when is a "fishing for ideas" question on- or off-topic?

Over the last couple of months I've seen a lot of what I call "fishing for ideas" questions. Questions that are either too broad or, more often, primarily opinion-based because the OP hasn't thought ...
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Sandbox Question/Answers

Should we post questions we intend to answer ourselves on the Sandbox, and if so, should we post the answer we plan to write in as well? I'm asking this for a particular reason. A while ago I posted ...
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