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Sandbox for Proposed Questions

The Sandbox works best if you sort posts by "active" (click here to do so). Welcome to the Sandbox! This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on prospective questions ...
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Should we have some Guidelines to Creating Magical Creatures?

NOTE: This question is about whether the idea of having guidelines is merited. Not actually creating them...yet! You decide you want some magical creature in your land. eg dragons with wings etc. You ...
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How to deal with "Please develop my High Concept" questions?

"Hello Community... I have a great idea for my Worldbuilding. Assume Earth and history as we know it, but in my world, Hitler died from whooping cough as a baby. What is my world like after this ...
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Inactive Sandbox 2018 [duplicate]

This sandbox is inactive. Please visit the next Sandbox for Proposed Questions In order to make the Sandbox easier to use, a new Sandbox question will be posted when the old one becomes too full. ...
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How does the Sandbox work? How do I use it?

The Sandbox can be found here. Where is the sandbox? Why should I use the sandbox? How does the sandbox work? How should I review proposals? What should the format of sandbox posts be (title, tags, ...
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Inactive Sandbox 2014-2017 [duplicate]

This sandbox got a little full, so we've created some more. You should still link to this one as we will update it whenever a new one is created. Current Sandbox: Sandbox for Proposed Questions ...
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Do people still need to see comments under graduated/abandoned question drafts in the Sandbox?

Recently there was a Meta discussion about Deletion of Comments from Sandbox? and according with Monica's comment I want to start a discussion about the usefulness of comments under graduated/...
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Anyone else finding they get... almost writers block... from too much Stack Exchange?

I've been here a while now but I'm finding that the more I contribute to this exchange in a given week the less I feel like writing anything elsewhere in my life, does anyone else find that they ...
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Is name choice on-topic for Worldbuilding?

I'm very new to the SE "Worldbuilding" site, and therefore I'm not quite sure if a question I have is on-topic there. It is about the mechanics of a world, though its this world, and the mechanics ...
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What do you do when no one answers your question?

I posted one question, about an hour ago (What modifications would be needed to turn an oil rig into a self sustaining base?), and no one has answered, commented or anything. I read the help center, ...
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Sandbox cleanup, 2016 edition

The question sandbox has helped a lot of people. At this writing it has 146 answers, including the deleted ones (many of which were deleted after turning into actual questions on the main site). The ...
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Is "How to make shotguns practical again" on topic? [duplicate]

I was thinking about asking how I can make shotguns practical in the military outside of a military police context but I think it might be a bit overly broad. Would you agree with this assessment and ...
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What to do when you receive unsatisfactory answers?

After waiting and receiving unsatisfactory answers (because everyone is misunderstanding what you're saying, even if you restate the important part several times) and not counting adding a bounty, ...
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Would a question about classifying certain actions as rape be on topic?

I will say in advance that this isn't the most cheery subject. For my writing, I need to know whether a situation is classed as rape or not. However the situation involves a character who, using ...
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How to rewrite a controversial question when I didn't get the answers I was expecting?

I recently wrote a question on a controversial topic, transgender hormone medication. I knew it was controversial and tried to focus on the least controversial aspect of the question, medication, as ...

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