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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Worldbuilding Stack Exchange is scheduled for an election starting next week, February 6th. In connection with that election, we will be hosting a Q&A here for candidates. This will be an ...
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Why is Worldbuilding Stack Exchange so good at answering questions?

This is written with my metaphorical mod hat fully off and hanging on the wall next to my real hats. I moderate two other Stack Exchange sites, History of Science and Mathematics and Mythology. They'...
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Putting opinion based questions on hold, too fast

Let us compare 2 questions How long would it take to transform a human into a space-ship and back? Building capabilities of a realistic nanobot swarm Are people too fast in putting on hold things they ...
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Is a "real world" question off topic?

I recently came across this: How do I know if my moon is full? It's been closed as off topic by several high reputation users as not being about worldbuilding. It clearly is though, it's information ...
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Should this be a high-voting site?

This is a question that I remember was brought up on another site (I think it was the late Digital Preservation site, but I could be wrong about that part), and which I think is worth considering ...
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Hot or Not - the Opinion based question, the sandbox game

The game is simple You post an answer with a question and description why it is not an opinion based question - and you get comments why it is an opinion based question. You post an answer with a ...
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How is this POB?

My question Why would a colony need to relocate? got a lot of flak along the lines of “what would determine which answer is best?” But how is this different from any other question, like What kind ...
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Hard-science tag, possible approach, changing how to ask these particular types of questions

Wished to write this a long time ago, and the last drop was this question As a time traveler, how would I see quantum randomness change history? really, you are serious this was a hard science ...
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"Primarily Opinion Based" is a reason to edit, not to close

In keeping with the remarks I made when running for moderator (see #3), I found this post from a relative newcomer as a perfect case. It has 13 answers including a high-voted accepted answer. So, ...
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Call to Sandbox Duty

The sandbox questions don’t do any good if the proposed questions don’t get any feedback. I’ve referred people to this sandbox, and the idea is to get better posts. For that to work we need to ...
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