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Catalog of Question Types

In an effort to start building consensus after asking: Enough is enough. NOBODY can obey rules that are only in someone's head, I'd like to start with what I hope will become a canonical catalog ...
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Checklist for the perfect answer - Idea refinement

We did have Checklist for the perfect post, but that's about questions. Then Should we have a “How to write the perfect answer?” discussion? was asked, but never got any significant amount of ...
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Are comments saying "just use magic" problematic?

Recently I have noticed a lot of questions which always receive pretty much the same comment. The questions usually take the form What material/technology could deal with [x problem/feature] of ...
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How to handle "cop out" answers

In the last few days I've seen several answers (from different users, on wildly different topics) that all basically say It's fiction - do whatever you like Now this is an answer to the question....
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Should ridiculous valid questions be answered or closed?

I've seen my fair share of ridiculous questions where it's obvious that the OP has no idea what they're talking about. Things like 'What would happen if you punch someone with a force of 172500 N?' ...
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Dealing with sense of scale in space

One issue I've seen come up a few times deals with a sense of scale in space. People's instincts on what can and cannot be done are often off by not just an order of magnitude, but an order of ...
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Challenging Questions' Premises

This is something I've seen cropping up quite a bit lately, and has made me pause and think. Sometimes questions are based on faulty or questionable premises, one such question would be this one, ...
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What's up with the "wormholes or Alcubierre drive" question being "primarily opinion-based"?

This is about the question Which is more feasible: Wormholes or an Alcubierre Drive?, which was closed by community vote as "primarily opinion-based". I honestly fail to see what's primarily opinion-...
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Where does Reality-Check actually fit in the burden of proof framework?

A July 2022 renovation of the reality-check tag and others has changed the context of this question. It is now obsolete. Please see the following question and the link under "Conclusion." If ...
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Should we have "unbuilding" flags for comments?

I've recently noticed that posts tend to have one or two "unbuilding" comments. I think these are not only unnecessary but also semi-rude: a premise has been set and should be believed in ...
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How to handle successive versions of the same question with more specific or different context?

This question is due to this question on Worldbuilding, but concerns a problem that I think might be encountered often. I've searched through a few relevant threads, including On editing questions ...
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Example of science-fiction not science-based

Science-based FTL drive I think this is an example of where we want to use science-fiction rather than science-based. We know that real FTL is impossible, and the scientificly sound Alcubierre Drive ...
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