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Checklist for the perfect post - Idea refinement

The post is now created, using the top 10 questions as of the 25th of may '16. But you can still feel free to add your helpful questions for interested users (make sure to use the template below). ...
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Inactive Sandbox 2019-2022

This version of the Sandbox is now Inactive. The next Sandbox is: Sandbox for proposed Questions Questions still active on January 1, 2023 will be automatically marked abandoned and closed.
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We're going to upgrade the Help Center page, here is the 100,000-foot-view discussion of the what-we-cans and what-we-can'ts

@HDE226868 has agreed to help us update the Help Center pages. I believe it's time for a fairly thorough review of what we want for the next stage in the Stack's lifespan. It's an opportunity we're ...
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Lessons in writing Questions

There are other posts on offering advice for writing questions, such as this list of suggestions. This post is different: it will give detailed lessons worked out on complete texts, showing before ...
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What is the Worldbuilding site about?

I just now stumbled upon this site while looking up "could Kaiju exist?" and I would be interested to know what type of questions to ask on here.
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Mutually-exclusive goals and how to discover them

I have to admit, I've been here a month now and I still have absolutely no clue what most of y'all's goals are in patrolling posts. My first question was closed for being too open-ended and ...
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Character's capabilities or not?

I wonder how do you read this question: How far could a peak social manipulator go? A Rogue Ant. and I had a discussion in the comments and came to a realisation that we read this question in two ...
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Disagree with a Deletion

This question The comment from L-Dutch states: "The first line is at most a comment to the OP's question. The rest, being based on nothing that the OP asked, is not an answer" However, this ...
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How Do I ask Good world building Questions

Hello I just joined the stack exchange yesterday and multiple times have come across where my question was not understandable and that can sometimes be because I procrastinate and can be very lazy, if ...
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Why Was This Question So Well-Received?

Contrary to most questions on here asking "Why was this question closed?" or "Why did I get downvotes?", today I'm actually concerned with the opposite. Why was the following question so well-...
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Notices for our traditions: Anatomically correct (and Santa)

After voting to leave open a half-dozen Santa questions and considering my previous question about anatomically correct questions, I'd like to propose the following. At this time I am aware of two ...
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My world is heavily religious. Why is it so hard to have a good question?

So at first, let's talk about backgrounds of my world: God In my world, God is not omnipotent. God gave up his omnipotency in spite of creating the truth values (Falsity and Truth). He is still in ...
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Sharing the "how-to" meta content via help

Is there a way to have the links to the, Risk Factors, Perfect Question etc meta posts show up under help? If yes (it's yes, thank you Monica) I would like to propose we add the following questions ...
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Splitting hairs between “stimulus” and “motivation” in the Psychology tag - Can I word this better to reopen?

In developing societal norms for a fictional culture I chose to put a representative through various stimuli and share its response. This expository method follows the “Don’t say there’s an elephant, ...
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Should "You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world...." closure reason be reworded?

You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world. For more information, see Why is my question "Too Story Based" and how do I get it opened? There ...
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