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Inactive Sandbox 2014-2017

This sandbox got a little full, so we've created some more. You should still link to this one as we will update it whenever a new one is created. Current Sandbox: Sandbox for proposed Questions ...
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Is Worldbuilding a What If Site?

A few months back, my participation on this site dropped heavily for various reasons, most of them real life commitments. Now I've come back, and there's something I've noticed. When I left, the site ...
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One Year of Building Worlds

Today, Worldbuilding SE celebrates its first anniversary. It was announced, and the day has come finally. As part of the celebrations for the anniversary, a blog has been launched and several members ...
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Checklist for the perfect answer - Idea refinement

We did have Checklist for the perfect post, but that's about questions. Then Should we have a “How to write the perfect answer?” discussion? was asked, but never got any significant amount of ...
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Worldbuilding Scope - Risk Factors

TL;DR: This question is the foundation stone of an attempt to more thoroughly define the scope of Worldbuilding by defining "Risk Factors" that make something Out Of Scope. The discussion of ...
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What's wrong with "idea generation" questions?

We now have a dedicated "Idea Generation" close vote/flag reason!! What does it mean? What is the problem with "idea generation" questions?
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How to make a "Fishing for Ideas" question fit on Worldbuilding Main

Being the most creative and imaginative Stack in the Stack Exchange library has a handful of disadvantages. Stack Exchange's basic behavior is to expect a single objective and answerable question that ...
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Understanding our double standard regarding some opinion based questions

For the past couple of days this question has been receiving rather a lot of attention. Even though quite a few commentators seem to agree that it is primarily opinion based it has only received 3 ...
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How to write the perfect question

Writing good questions can be difficult. To help you, the community came up with ten yes or no questions that will guide you and help you prevent common errors. Follow the links for more information ...
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Educating New Users About Our Scope

This site has been far too "quiet" lately, so i thought it was time to stir things up again. Therefore, I'd like to address something which is a bit of a recurring topic here: off-topic questions, and ...
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Where can I post a Reference List?

Question: Is there somewhere on this website that I can post a list of traits a species I am working on has, so I can refer back to this list as I ask individual questions about the viability of each ...
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Are questions involving mythical creatures on-topic? Is folklore different from 3rd-party worlds?

This discussion spun off from the most recent ACS debate but it should by no means be taken as an opinion either way on the ACS format. Whether that specific tag/series is kept or axed makes no ...
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Collection of beginner tips thread?

I stumbled on Creating a realistic world Series today. I think this will be a great help to users, especially new ones, to improve their map making skill when creating a world. Is there any post ...
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Canonical Delphicity is the line we must observe in judging third-party worlds

Entirely too much bandwidth and moderator time is being invested in quashing the victimless crime of using borrowed terms in a query under the false pretense that such terms invade some third-party ...
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Risk Factor definition: Too Individual/Character Based

As the Risk Factor identified as most important by this post I'm starting a discussion on Too Individual/Character Based. Please start answers to this question discussing each of the examples, adding ...

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