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Case Study: Monica Cellio

Part of Case study series. (Whoops -- just noticed I missed my assigned date. Sorry.) In space, do "shipping lanes" make sense? About worldbuilding? Yes, it's about travel patterns and ...
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What the scope of Worldbuilding is NOT about

... taking any question that isn't accepted elsewhere. This should be a reminder, or refresher. These days, there are many questions about trying to set objective and clear limits for the scope of ...
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Is there anything wrong with low reputation users doing reviews?

I really enjoy doing reviews. It provides me with the ability to help other users get started on the site, and to improve the overall quality of the network. I take my time when reviewing posts and do ...
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Case Study #3 - James

Part three of the case study series. Part 1 - Tim B Part 2 - Daaaah Whoosh I submit the following for review. What single element could destroy the world? About world building? Insofar as ...
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Case Study Series

As discussed in chat and based on Tim B's recent post , I'd like us to have a series of case studies, where various users of the site post their five top-rated questions (or any five questions of ...
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Case study - Pavel Janicek

Part of Case study series: How many humans can I abduct without getting noticed? About worldbuilding? I doubt it. It does not really build a world; it just uses real world as a background. Risking ...
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Risk Factor Definition: Too Story Based

We're going to look at merging the "Too Individual" and "Too plot based" close reasons into "Too Story Based". Keeping in mind the discussions from Risk Factor definition:...
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Are Too Character Based and Too Plot Based the same?

It's been proposed that the risk factors "Too Character Based" and "Too Plot Based" could be merged together into one close reason and that there is enough overlap between them to warrant that. I can ...
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What happened to the idea generation close reason?

Why is the close reason "idea generation" gone? I have not heard really anything about the change, probably because I don't go on meta too often. Could someone point me to a post about it, or just ...
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Why was my question closed? [Collected Answers]

Let's use this meta question to collect the already-vetted explanations of common reasons for questions to be put on hold. The intention is that you'll use a comment (suggested here) to link to a ...
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Case Studies - Green's Highest Viewed Questions

What would it take to build a ship capable of crossing the Pacific? About Worldbuilding? This question asks if building a trans-Pacific ship is feasible using only merchants as the shipbuilders. (...
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Sample questions for WhatIf

There is now a WhatIf.SE proposal over on Area 51. One element that would help it along would be a collection of sample questions. I believe we have that source material already at hand. (They're the ...
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Risk Factor definition: Too Individual/Character Based

As the Risk Factor identified as most important by this post I'm starting a discussion on Too Individual/Character Based. Please start answers to this question discussing each of the examples, adding ...
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Case Study #6 - HDE 226868

Part of the case study series. Can stars exist that are not powered by nuclear fusion? About worldbuilding? I would say yes, because whether or not this is possible is the key to the premise of my ...
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Case Study #7 - Aify

Part of the case study series. Lets weaponize jellyfish About worldbuilding? Yes, because I had already provided the hypothetical world - the purpose of the question was to use the basis of that ...
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