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What if Worldbuilding banned What If questions?

Worldbuilding, it seems, is not a What If site. So let's start making that happen. If we don't want these questions around, then I think the first step is with close reasons. We currently have an ...
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Is Worldbuilding a What If Site?

A few months back, my participation on this site dropped heavily for various reasons, most of them real life commitments. Now I've come back, and there's something I've noticed. When I left, the site ...
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Sample questions for WhatIf

There is now a WhatIf.SE proposal over on Area 51. One element that would help it along would be a collection of sample questions. I believe we have that source material already at hand. (They're the ...
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Please clarify "Elements of Plot" to be more concise

I am reading this question as a clear, right-now example of a point that annoys me. The answer is not the problem, but the first comment in the answer, which accuses the question to be OT. Please: I ...
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Should we answer off-topic questions?

Moments ago, I saw this: The question this was posted on is 100% opinion based + idea generation, thus making it clearly off topic. Should we answer off-topic questions (before they're put on hold/...

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