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Save The Robot!

linked: What will we lose with the redesign? As said in this answer to site-changes, there is a possibility that we may lose these figures and the contruction-edge at the bottom of the page. ...
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A proposal to finalize the "are real world questions on-topic" debate

If you would like to discuss this or explain disagreements, or want clarification please feel free to join this chatroom. The moderators have discussed the recent re-invigoration of the on or off ...
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What do users from other Stack Exchange sites think of Worldbuilding Stack Exchange?

We have had a lot of questions reach the Hot Network Questions list recently, which is probably related to the current topic challenge, religion. This means that there are a lot of outside viewers ...
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Hypothetical situations and broad questions

I am seeing alot of questions that are very broad like in case of X what would happen, or if the world were made of X then how would life evolve? I think we need to be extra careful to ask more ...
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What if there were a What If?

I think it'd be nice to have a place to steer some of the most-obviously off-topic "What If," as I mentioned earlier. Turns out, there was a proposal in Area 51 for some type of speculative-yet-...
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2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Case Studies - on or off topic?

Evolution in the scope of the site is not a bad thing, we've learned a lot about what does and does not work in the over-a-year since the site first entered private beta. I'll use a number of my own ...
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Worldbuilding Blog - Specific article ideas

As our recent question raising the idea of starting a blog showed, the community is interested in starting a blog with a variety of topics. In this question, we will see what specific articles could ...
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Checklist for the perfect post - Idea refinement

The post is now created, using the top 10 questions as of the 25th of may '16. But you can still feel free to add your helpful questions for interested users (make sure to use the template below). ...
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How curious is too curious?

The fallout from Worse than zombies, part 1, has reminded me that I keep meaning to ask to what extent one can ask question about things they are curious about rather than issue they need answers to. ...
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What if Worldbuilding banned What If questions?

Worldbuilding, it seems, is not a What If site. So let's start making that happen. If we don't want these questions around, then I think the first step is with close reasons. We currently have an ...
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Educating New Users About Our Scope

This site has been far too "quiet" lately, so i thought it was time to stir things up again. Therefore, I'd like to address something which is a bit of a recurring topic here: off-topic questions, and ...
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Scope clarification discussions

Different subjects are being discussed for a clarification or a re-definition of the scope of the site. We want to have clear lines to separate the questions that are accepted on worldbuilding from ...
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Is he dead yet?

I just did my fourth fifth(? stopped counting...) review on an answer to the question You are an advanced AI that controls a smart house. How do you kill your master? As it stands now, the question ...
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How to make a "Fishing for Ideas" question fit on Worldbuilding Main

Being the most creative and imaginative Stack in the Stack Exchange library has a handful of disadvantages. Stack Exchange's basic behavior is to expect a single objective and answerable question that ...
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