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Brainstorming Worldbuilding Site Design

I'm Kurtis, and I'll be working on the new design for the graduated Worldbuilding site. As most of you are aware, each site within the Stack Exchange network gets its own unique theme while ...
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Save The Robot!

linked: What will we lose with the redesign? As said in this answer to site-changes, there is a possibility that we may lose these figures and the contruction-edge at the bottom of the page. ...
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Congratulations, Worldbuilding is graduating!

It's a big day. You've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Worldbuilding met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites and after a review, the Community Team determined ...
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Happy second birthday!

So today, Worldbuilding.SE celebrates its second birthday. Our second year is over... and what a year! We received our official graduation anouncement in November. We got a new design finally ...
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Worldbuilding Site Design Updates: March 15

Thank you for all of your feedback and patience while we made design updates. Below are a list of updates and planned updates. Logo Based on the community's discussion, we've made some adjustments ...
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When is the new site design being launched?

The new Worldbuilding site design (which looks awesome) was being discussed and demonstrated here. Does anyone have any official (or accurate) information as to how long we have to wait before the new ...
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What will we lose with the redesign?

Inspired by the discussion Exactly which features of SFF.SE's magnificent theme will we be losing? I want to ask which features WorldBuilding.SE will lose specifically. The reason I ask basically the ...
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What is the worldbuilding background picture from?

Is it from a book or a movie or game?
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Does someone have the source image of this site?

Where can I find the source image of WorldBuilding.SE? I mean this desert world, with the robot and the girl. If someone can help, it would be awesome.
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It's a small world after all?

In the attached picture, the new icon looks small. In order for the ring to show up in the icon, the sphere gets shorter. While the ring is part of the large banner, I think the icon would fit in ...
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The robot is sometimes overlapped by the edge of land

On very short pages, such as search and maybe others, the robot is overlapped by the edge of landmass, which looks strange. (Firefox 46)
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