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Why do YOU hang out on Worldbuilding?

So I looked for this and my search did not reveal a duplicate, but I have a feeling that this has been asked before. If it's a duplicate, I would really like to know where. :) Why do you folks come ...
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Catalog of Question Types

In an effort to start building consensus after asking: Enough is enough. NOBODY can obey rules that are only in someone's head, I'd like to start with what I hope will become a canonical catalog ...
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The many memes of Worldbuilding

This was inspired by The Many Memes of Meta and The many memes of scifi.stackexchange. This is something I thought of a couple months ago, but decided to wait to actually propose. I'll quote the post ...
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Enough is enough. NOBODY can obey rules that are only in someone's head [duplicate]

Relating to this question. Since when can a question be closed for poor quality? The two respondants to my challenge to justify the closure said that it's just a physics question (which we answer ...
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Should we narrow down the scope of the Anatomically Correct Series?

Quoting from JBH's comment on a recent Anatomically Correct Series (ACS) question This is a place to help people build worlds, not indulge in whims. There are clear precedents in Meta that this ...
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Can I ask about mythological creatures here?

I wanted to ask if I can ask about mythological creatures. For example, I wanted to ask about a succubus (What are its physiological details, types, etc.).
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How should we deal with "vexatious questions?"

I define "vexatious questions"1 as a series of questions from the same user that are minor iterations on a theme or idea. The first question in the series contributed to worldbuilding. The ...
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Should speculative biology questions be asked on Worldbuilding or Biology stack exchange?

I've been wondering where the appropriate place to put questions related to speculative evolution should go. There is a very popular "evolution" tag, and nearly all questions found there are about ...
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The network's official Twitter account is up and running again. What content do we want to share?

As of late yesterday, Stack Exchange has revived its official Twitter account, @StackExchange. It had been used intermittently/actually-not-at-all for several years,...
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How are the "anatomically correct" questions asking for evolutionary insight on-topic?

When this question was recently posted I voted to close it based on it being either too broad or primarily opinion-based. Take your pick. The OP pointed out there is a lengthy history of "...
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Should we burn the video-games tag?

A recent question asking for advice about what the boss in their video game should be tagged their question video-games. The tag has no summary and no wiki. The first question tagged with the tag was ...
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Good vs Bad "Feasibility" Questions?

Recently, I've noticed a lot of new questions with "Feasibility" written in the title. Generally, the community consensus is that "feasibility" questions about sci-fi ideas are on-topic because they ...
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Is broad impact of a specific change too broad?

I just finished putting up an answer to this question about a resurrection effect and then went to check the queues to find that it's on the close list as too broad. I've read Dutch's comment about ...
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What are the limits of open-endedness, hypotheticality, and encouragement of "discussion-based or extremely long answers", are they too subjective?

Per the tour on the main stack, querents should not ask "Questions with too many possible answers or that would require an extremely long answer". Also, per the help center, querents should ...
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Is there room in WorldBuilding for asking about the feasibility of science fiction ideas, which don't relate to building worlds?

Is there room in WorldBuilding for asking about the feasibility of science fiction ideas, which don't relate to building worlds? I mean, asking about the feasibility or slight possibility of ...
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