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One Year of Building Worlds

Today, Worldbuilding SE celebrates its first anniversary. It was announced, and the day has come finally. As part of the celebrations for the anniversary, a blog has been launched and several members ...
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What information to include in a 'Good' climate-related question?

Bear with me, this is my first Meta Question. When Building your fictional magical, alien, alternate fictional world, you have to figure out the Climate (unless you only interested in one region and ...
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Is "check out my world" on-topic?

I recently saw this question and this related question which give a map of a fictional world and ask "how realistic is it?". The first concerns city and country placement, while the second is related ...
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Does something resembling a FAQ exist

I have to say, I just stumbled upon this and I love the idea of the site and the quality of its contributors. I wanted to know if some kind of FAQ exists. Reason for this is I am interested in ...
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Let's break down reality-check

Disclaimer: This is not a tag edit proposal. I've been wondering for some time if there was a common denominator in reality check answering. I've already asked a question about the type of answers ...
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Where can I post a Reference List?

Question: Is there somewhere on this website that I can post a list of traits a species I am working on has, so I can refer back to this list as I ask individual questions about the viability of each ...
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Is there an effort anywhere to collect related answers in an accessible way?

It would be really neat to have great answers related to the same type of worldbuilding setting gathered in the same place, sorted and easily accessed. You know, a collection of the best hand-picked ...
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What reputation should you have to start a regular post?

I have seen some users on meta having a "regular post", series or feature that they do. My question is: how much reputation should you have before starting one?
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Collection of beginner tips thread?

I stumbled on Creating a realistic world Series today. I think this will be a great help to users, especially new ones, to improve their map making skill when creating a world. Is there any post ...
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Multi question scenario

Being a web developer just starting out with this awesome stack exchange site I wanted to ask if there is a way/feature to organize multiple questions regarding the same "parent topic". To keep ...
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Is there a Series (Encyclopedia/Library/Collection?) of series? Should we make one?

It was an amazing revelation to me when I found the Anatomically Correct Series. I had no idea that series could be created like that, on this site. This type of organizational structure seems ...
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