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2016 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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What's wrong with "idea generation" questions?

We now have a dedicated "Idea Generation" close vote/flag reason!! What does it mean? What is the problem with "idea generation" questions?
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Storytelling and plot building

Just saying: The whole "this is story telling and not world building" discussion will eventually lead to ...
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How to make a "Fishing for Ideas" question fit on Worldbuilding Main

Being the most creative and imaginative Stack in the Stack Exchange library has a handful of disadvantages. Stack Exchange's basic behavior is to expect a single objective and answerable question that ...
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Considered harmful: questions where the asker expects us to figure out a scientific explanation or alternative for their handwavium

Latest offender: Need counters for a near perfect Anti Thermal and Kinetic armor system in a near future setting Another example: Could alien organisms evolve to utilize Thermoelectric cooling(the ...
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Moderator Post Closing Policy

I feel the need to publicly lodge my complaints. The problem This question went into the review queue and picked up two close votes (and at least one keep open vote from me) before being summarily ...
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How to be a close voter

The value of precedent One of the most important principles in organizing a just society is the equally applicable rule of law. Worldbuilding is, while perhaps seeming trivial compared to a nation, ...
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Opinion on questions that involve 'idea generation' or lack a 'right answer'

Perhaps such a post already exists but I couldn't find it. Basically I wanted to ask what exactly are the problems associated with adding 'idea generation' related questions to the scope of this site....
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Are ideas about proposed world social structures inherently "primarily opinion-based"?

I read, and liked the question about Courier Ethics. I liked it enough to actually try and answer it. Later I returned to the question as a result of a comment on my answer. It took a minute before I ...
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A Proposal to End the Love/Hate Relationship with Brainstorming, AKA List questions, Idea-Generation, and Fishing-for-Ideas

Preliminary Information Before I begin, I want to make a clear distinction insofar as I understand the principal purpose of this Stack (the following closely fits the rules as defined in the Tour and ...
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What happened to the idea generation close reason?

Why is the close reason "idea generation" gone? I have not heard really anything about the change, probably because I don't go on meta too often. Could someone point me to a post about it, or just ...
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Being more up front about idea generation

I recently came across something which struck home for me in Looking for Superpowers Preferably Physics Based. In the comments, the author commented that it seemed a bit arbitrary that we don't allow ...
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Proposed tag: survey-question

This site has struggled for a very long time over raw idea generation. There can be no best answer for raw idea generation. The OP is asking for the proverbial spaghetti to be thrown against the wall ...
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Idea Generation in Help

We usually agree that idea generation questions should be avoided, as per here. However I had the feeling that we used to have a more explicit statement about it in the help section.... but I can't ...
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