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Is spatial trigonometry hard science?

The standard for hard-science is that we should edit out the tag if hard science is obviously not wanted. I.e. the asker doesn't want to require equations or citations in the answers. In this ...
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Can a [hard-science] question be a duplicate of a non-[hard-science] question?

I bring before the assembly Exhibit A, A cure for the 'Kessler Syndrome'?, tagged science-based science-fiction hard-science as of revision 1. That question was closed as a duplicate of Dealing with ...
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Tag questions that want science to pick up the pieces

A lot of people seem to be asking questions about what would happen if the laws of science suddenly reasserted themselves after some absurd thing happens. Three recent questions I found right off the ...
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Do we need the reality-check tag?

A July 2022 renovation of the reality-check tag and others has changed the context of this question. It is now obsolete. Please see the following question and the link under "Conclusion." If ...
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Should we delete answers that don't meet the requirements of the hard-science tag?

Around the beginning of August, Stack Exchange created a custom post notice for Worldbuilding. Basically, moderators manually add the notice to all questions tagged hard-science, and then may add it ...
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Identifying incorrectly tagged [hard-science] questions

One of the more confusing things about this site is the hard-science tag. Looking through the meta site, there aren't a lot of clear policies surrounding the tag. One particular problem I have is ...
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Hard Science not-so-hard: wiping out humanity

The question How to wipe out humanity within a week? is marked with a hard-science. But, IMO neither the question, nor any of the answer really live up to the exigence. Or am I being too strict? ...
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Defining the boundaries of the "hard-science" tag

Difficulty As per a suggestion by Monica Cellio and a sort of consensus on the issue, the hard-science tag is ready for use. In fact, I decided to use test it out: How can a Type II civilization ...
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Should Science-Based henceforth actually be science based?

The science-based tag has seen a lot of misuse recently, since apparently 28% of our questions are science-based. Since we have killed off its erstwhile companion tag fantasy-based, I believe it now ...
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Are answers solely referencing novels/movies/etc. okay?

In my time on Worldbuilding, I've seen loads of answers along the lines of I remember reading a book with a similar scenario: [Insert book name here] by [Insert author name here]. In it, [long plot ...
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Should our default position be that answers should be science-/logic-based, rather than magic-based?

We are seeing some questions which receive answers that deal with magic. There isn't anything wrong in building worlds where magic exists, but there are two main issues that I can see: Magic systems ...
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