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Fortnightly topic challenge #2: Flora

Previously I wrote up a post asking if people would like weekly - now fortnightly topic challenges. The answer from the community was a resounding yes. So today will be the second one. As per some of ...
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What should be the subjects of our fortnightly topic challenges?

Worldbuilding is beginning its fortnightly topic challenges. In that trichoplax wrote As this question is already being used for answers on how to approach this, would it be clearer to have a ...
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Should we have weekly topic challenges?

A long time ago (four months) on a site far, far away (roughly two clicks), a great suggestion was made. Jon Ericson came up with the idea of weekly topic challenges. For those not willing to make the ...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #12: Humans

Now begins our twelfth topic challenge! Topic: humans Dates: 22 July - 5 August Proposed by: While worlds can be populated with all sorts of intriguing and fantastical creatures (or robots, or ...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #11: Religion

Now begins our eleventh topic challenge! Topic: religion Dates: 7 July - 21 July Proposed by: Simply because it gets omitted so many times when we create new worlds and new societies. I would ...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #10: Time

Now begins our tenth topic challenge! Topic: time Dates: 22 June - 4 July Proposed by: There haven't been very many questions with these tags, but I feel like making them a challenge could ...
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Fortnightly Topic Challenge #9: Map-Making

Now begins our ninth topic challenge! Topic: map-making Dates: 8 June - 21 June Proposed by: Maps add extra realism to a story and can set the stage well. They make a world come alive. Just ...
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Fortnightly Topic Challenge #8: Apocalypse

Now begins our eighth topic challenge! Topic: apocalypse Dates: 24 May - 7 June Proposed by: Because for a site about building worlds we seem to spend a lot of time destroying them! (And ...
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Fortnightly Topic Challenge #7: Economy

Now begins our seventh topic challenge! Topic: economy Dates: 4 May - 17 May Proposed by: Because too often fictional worlds have no visible economic activity. Remember to use this tag if you'...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #6: Evolution

Now begins our sixth topic challenge! Topic: evolution Dates: 19 April - 3 May Proposed by: Because it impacts almost all aspects of a world, from the mundane to the central, yet is often given ...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #1: Space

Yesterday I wrote up a post asking if people would like weekly - now fortnightly topic challenges. The answer from the community was a resounding yes. So today will be the first one. As per some of ...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #3: Creature Design

Today begins our Third topic challenge! Topic: creature-design Dates: 9 March - 22 March Proposed by: We've only had a handful of creature-design questions, but they've been a joy to ask, ...
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Fortnightly topic challenge #4: Magic

Today begins our fourth topic challenge! Topic: magic Dates: 23 March - 5 April Proposed by: When I joined Worldbuilding, I told myself that I would only answer science-based questions. I'd ...