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Do we need the reality-check tag?

A July 2022 renovation of the reality-check tag and others has changed the context of this question. It is now obsolete. Please see the following question and the link under "Conclusion." If ...
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Checklist for the perfect answer - Idea refinement

We did have Checklist for the perfect post, but that's about questions. Then Should we have a “How to write the perfect answer?” discussion? was asked, but never got any significant amount of ...
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There are too many world UNbuilding answers and comments

When I joined this site, I felt I missed a lot by not joining before. I really enjoy the questions as well as the answers. Not to be misunderstood, I am a scientist myself. I always trust in concrete ...
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Why does this Worldbuilding forum allow so many questions which involve magic?

Doesn't the presence of magic immediately void any scientific answer? Two of the top questions currently are about the "logical" consequences of magic (one asks what a society with "magical" birth ...
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Can a [hard-science] question be a duplicate of a non-[hard-science] question?

I bring before the assembly Exhibit A, A cure for the 'Kessler Syndrome'?, tagged science-based science-fiction hard-science as of revision 1. That question was closed as a duplicate of Dealing with ...
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Are comments saying "just use magic" problematic?

Recently I have noticed a lot of questions which always receive pretty much the same comment. The questions usually take the form What material/technology could deal with [x problem/feature] of ...
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Back It Up! policies

The Good Subjective/Bad Subjective guidelines talk a lot about what make for great questions and answers for subjective issues, and it primarily falls around Back It Up!: answers need to cite some ...
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A hard-science ultimatum

Back when an issue with the science-based tag came up, Monica Cellio made a suggestion: Re the addendum, would [hard-science] better convey what you're after? The rationale behind the question ...
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Distinguishing science and fantasy based questions

Should we have a specific means (perhaps certain tags) to say that certain questions are asking for science-only answers. For example this question: What would be the next technological step for a ...
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Should we have the science-fiction tag?

I just noticed the science-fiction tag. This tag feels meaningless to me, it should possibly be a synonym to science-based ...
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More strict scientific culture in Worldbuilding?

I just found this site and was thrilled since I have a big and broad general interest in applied science and politics. However, when seeing some questions and answers involving magic and other not ...
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How to tell people answers must adhere strictly to the conditions of a question

Regarding this question: Restricting antimatter - practical rather than legal measures I've been processing a lot of answers tagged low-quality from this question and, though I could be wrong, I ...
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Renaming the "magic" tag to "magic-based"

After reading this and several other meta posts, it seems that one of the most important distinctions to be made on this SE is the distinction between questions which should be answered with as hard, ...
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Where are the questions on magic?

As of writing this, we have 330 questions. 113 of these are tagged science-based. Only 23 are tagged magic. Additionally, almost every question that isn't explicitly tagged either, could be seen as ...
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Should we be adding [science-based] to questions?

I noticed that in the question Dermott's Law and Major Moons, revision 4 (edit made by diamond moderator JDługosz) adds science-based to the question. Originally the question was tagged only moons. ...
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