I just asked in Worldbuilding how to stop intelligent races from discovering electricity and it was marked as to broad. I assume this is because I originally suggested two ways to solve my problem.

If I am correct and thats why it is to broad I would like to know why there is no possibility to suggest different ways to solve something as there are rarely math like true false answers on this site.

I am glad for every one helping me to understand this site with an answer.

This was the original formulation of my question:

Without changing a planet from being habitable for humans and keeping a similar ecosystem why could intelligent races never access electricity?

  1. What systems need to be erased from the planet to not create any magnets? (I want to keep metals though) Because as far as I know without magnets you cannot manually create electricity.

So what I need is way to stop natural magnets from forming while still keeping the physics and chemistry of the universe the same. While at the same time enabling the people to live the same way or similar to the way humans lived in the medieval age and renaissance. (Yes keep the earths magnetic field)

If this is not possible what effects would these changes cause to the formation of human society. (Please don't blast my world with all the radiation the sun sent at them)

  1. What in society or behavior could stop people from discovering electricity?

With this way of solving the problems I need a plausible explanation why a certain behavior or society has risen and why this keeps people from discovering electricity. Also what other changes are attached to this solution?

Religions or media/propaganda cannot fulfill this role as i have already decided on huge parts how they are going to work. It has to be something more deeply enforced. Which excludes a bad accident in history (because people never truly learn from history)

Also people should retain the ability to advance in other fields of technology.


As you correctly guessed, you were asking two different questions all together:

  1. how to prevent electricity by altering physical laws or conditions
  2. how to prevent electricity by altering social behavior

Each on its own is a fine question, when you put them together you make a hard to digest salad. Look at the only answer you got so far. It addresses only the second question, so I would argue that it answers your original question at all.

Our model is "per post 1 question which can be measurably answered". We never object if you spread multiple related questions over multiple posts.

  • $\begingroup$ OK thanks got it. Is my revised question then narrow enough? $\endgroup$ – Soan Dec 31 '18 at 14:27

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