I have a time related problem that I am trying to solve so was looking through the various related tags and descriptions. I found them rather contradictory and several aspects of them circular/redundant. To be fair the main tag was last edited 3 years ago.

  • I'm not sure on the meta tag process. So this question, that was prompted by one tag, may need to be split up for each issue.

The excerpt for states:

For questions about the passage or measurement of time or how it can be affected, including traveling back and forth in it.

With the more detailed description stating:

This tag is for questions about the effects of time on a civilization, or vice-versa. If the question involves space as well - typically as the result of relativistic effects - use the space-time tag.

Also consider the time-travel tag, if time travel is involved.

  • first off, we have and synonym for the measurement of time. So can that not be removed from the tag?

  • secondly, we have and several methods covering all time-travel aspects. Should this not be removed from the tag?

  • thirdly, the description is actually blank and has 0 tagged questions. It is also mentioned in but I think it can either be removed or be made a synonym for which has 72 questions?

Concerning dimensions of space and time, whether our 3-space + 1-time or other dimensions.

This tag should be used in questions concerning various dimensions of space and time, where interaction between different space-time dimensions occurs, space-time dimensions other than 3+1 are involved, or the question concerns the space-time dimensions themselves

I am suggesting a clean-up of the by making it just about the passage of standard time. With directions to the other tags such as .

I'm not sure if a further new tag should be created for [time-manipulation] for questions about non-standard time ie speeding up/slowing down/stopping/time-bubbles etc without actually time-travelling or reaching faster-than-light speeds, or if this would actually fall under the scope of the already existing


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I agree with the suggestion of cleaning up .

doesn't exist. You can see that when searching the tags for it. When I create a random tag with the tag markdown it automatically points to an empty page. For example is valid tag markdown - but there is no such tag, so it will point to a similar site as . This means there is nothing to worry about with that tag - we should just remove the old reference in the tag wiki.

I think the new tag is useful and we should add it - preferrably directly with a tag wiki that describes its usage.

  • $\begingroup$ I made a suggested edit on the space tag wiki to change from space-time to spacetime-dimensions. I edited the time-measurement tag on the one question to time-keeping (I don't have enough required tag rep to create a synonym). I've left the time tag alone for now until there is more feedback :) $\endgroup$ Commented May 6, 2018 at 15:28

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