My friend has just heard about StackExchange and is in the middle of writing a horror story. When I showed her this site she asked me:

"Could I ask how deep you would have to bury someone so they wouldn't be found?"

This got me thinking: is this on-topic?


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If your friend puts in enough details this could be on-topic

The problem is that there are many possible scenarios that you have to think of. For example: are we talking about the police having only got an anonymous tip that they should search an area the size of a house? Or are talking about an area of a graveyard? What resources does the esearching party have? Just humans? Specially trained dogs? Are we talking about a current-day setting? Or for example near-future? Is there a time limit involved? "Never" is quite a lot harder than "it's not reasonable a body will be found in the span of a couple years".

There are lots of questions that your friend would have to answer. In theory it could be on-topic, but it could just as well be off-topic. For example a simple "How deep you would have to bury someone so they wouldn't be found?" is lacking details and therefore seems to be too broad for me. I recommend that your friend writes a draft and you put it in the Sandbox. The problem is that you need 5 reputation minimum to post on Meta, so your friend won't be able to post it here, unless she first asks/answers/edits something on the Main Site.

A little warning though about this specific topic: there are quite a few people who don't like gruesome topics. Look at the tag for example. Depending on how the question is posed you might need to expect a higher chance that someone will downvote such a question. Again, the Sandbox can help with finding a way to phrase such a question.

See also: Should we be mindful of potentially dangerous questions? and Should questions about painfully killing people be welcomed on this site?

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If your writer friend is actually "constructing an imaginary world", then questions about making that world would certainly be on topic! And she would be most welcome to join us and ask any & all worldbuilding questions she cares to ask!

Even if she's not actually building an imaginary world, I suspect SE would still be a good resource. There is, after all, Writing Stack Exchange which be a more appropriate forum for her specific question.


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