This is not a big issue, but did come as a surprise.

There is an answer I posted to a question about a mountainous planet: What would produce the most uneven but earthlike planetary surface?

A kind gentleman added a comment pointing out I'd not discussed earthquakes in this scenario. So I added a comment saying I would, then edited the question. Some short time later, both comments had disappeared.

I imagine that someone noticed that interaction and removed the now-unnecessary comments -- they'd done their work -- but I just wanted to make sure that that was the custom.

Oh yes, the actual question... Is this expected behavior?


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Deleting obsolete comments is pretty normal, either because somebody flagged them as such or because a moderator came across them in normal use of the site. Clearing out obsolete comments makes it easier for new comments to be seen.

I didn't handle this particular case, but yes, that's expected behavior. Nothing bad happened, just routine maintenance.


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