We have and . The later being used to ask question about how technology develops within your fictive world.

This seems to exclude scientific research that doesn't directly pertain to technology. If I for instance am interested in the scientific worldview a pre flight society on the moon of a gas giant might have, tagging as would not be appropriate, but neither would .

I propose we introduce a tag for questions like these, we might rename , add it as a synonym or make it a separate tag altogether.

What are your thoughts on this?

As an example of a question that could use this tag, I present you with What if time travel had to take into account spatial distance? Which in part asks, what kind of experiments scientists might perform to study time travel with certain restraints. This doesn't quite fit under the umbrella, but would certainly benefit from a tag that indicates a focus on in-universe scientists.


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As is usual with questions about tags. If you have a genuine use (as in, you were writing / saw a question and went "That needs !") just go ahead and make the tag. As long as you make sure you write the tag wiki for it.

Review it in a month or so and see if the tag has anyone else using it. If not, considered deleting it from the question, which will automatically kill the tag.

I would much prefer seeing questions about merging tags than I would see questions about making them on meta. If you think the tag is needed for a current question, use it. Chances are someone else will probably want to use it as well. If its too similar to another, someone will see and propose a synonym/merge.


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