My name is NOT Michio Kaku. This series will explore classic sci-fi tropes, in an attempt to turn them real, thus helping n00bie writers in their quests.

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Sci-fi Science: Physics of Impossibru: "Force fields"

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The explanation I was going to put in the chat room might be better served here.

I general, the format of posting a worked up detailed idea for SF authors is not a question. For your first exhibit, the consensus is that this would best be posted on the associated WB blog. Even the heavy use of evocative mood-setting images (not strictly needed for illustration) is a good fit there, and not on the Question site. The Medium blog platform welcomes the kind of banner images you are wanting to incorporate!

For your second exhibit, this is clearly not a question. There is no hint of a question in the title. The introductory sentence and intro paragraph is not a question, but an explanation of your real purpose to provide an essay. There is a question tacked on the end, as a sort of postscript that does not fit, in a literary manner, with the bulk—it’s an afterthought, asking “how’s that? Brainstorm with me!” because you remembered this is supposed to be a Question venue.

Changing the too-broad postscript to a targeted question “can ball lightning do that really?” is a hack, and does not fit the extended essay you posted and is not your real purpose. If this was your actual question, you would lead with that and then give just the necessary details.

So in this case too, I submit you are really wanting to post on the WB Medium Blog, and I assure you this entire series will be welcome there in its present form.

Once posted, you can ask questions that refer to it. For example: “Q: can ball lightning be used as a weapon?” and in the body link to the blog posted essay, summarize just the relevant details needed for this question, and then restate the Q in a more elaborate form.

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    $\begingroup$ From the blog welcoming committee: Want to contribute? $\endgroup$ Mar 5, 2017 at 1:39

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