As part of the expansion of the Great Lakes Earth mythology, I have been muddling over the possibility of megacities based on real-life proposals that, for the moment, exist only on paper. They are of only three dimensions:

  • Pyramidal cities 2004 meters tall and covering a floor area of eight square miles
  • Cubical cities two miles tall and covering an area of 140 square miles
  • Cylindrical cities four miles tall and six miles wide

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Here is what I've got so far (I've just started the series earlier this week), but more will come:

Episode 1: Population Capacity

How many people can live and work inside each shape?

Episode 2: Anatomy

What would the interiors of the megacities look like? How would their skeletons be arranged to reduce weight, gain stability (lower the chances of internal collapse) and encourage habitability?

Episode 3: Plumbing

What lengths must these megacities take to make sure they don't get clogged up in urine or poo?


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