Let us say that, in the future, some scientists have created satellites capable of something that seems science fiction for now — punching the walls of the universe to study an alternate reality. By that scenario, some hundreds of “alternate Earths” from hundreds of alternate universes would already have been discovered and meticulously studied. As much as half of them would still be ruled by humans, unfolded by events that turned out differently. One universe, for example, had an Earth where 9/11 never happened, or where the outcome of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars ended up differently.

One of the most interesting to note was a planet that scientists call “Alternate Earth 111”, known to the public as “Great Lakes Earth”.


Because at first glance, it seemed that almost every continent is dominated by lakes, even those larger than the Great Lakes that we have in North America. What is its history? What points of divergence would we expect to see in this particular variation?

This proved to be a long, backbreaking investigation because when our alt-satellites picked up Great Lakes Earth, it has discovered traces of civilization — traces roughly 100,000 years old. However, after years of picking up the pieces and speculating on the rest, we believe that we have mapped the entire geography and the best of the history of Great Lakes Earth.

As with the Anatomically Correct Series or the Creating a Realistic World Series, this is an ongoing process and will be subject to edit or add.

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Let's slow and simplify things down. First, I need feedback and verification on geography and astronomy.


The Cause is set. Now to investigate the Effects these changes have on climate, weather, landscape and ocean current circulation.

Solar System

The Cause is set. Now to investigate the Effects these changes have on Earth’s nightscape, its Milankovitch cycles and even the asteroid belt (if it could still exist.)

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