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Can stars exist that are not powered by nuclear fusion?

About worldbuilding? I would say yes, because whether or not this is possible is the key to the premise of my world (an artificial star). It is certainly strongly based in science, but I think that's okay. After all, I want my world to be believable.

Risking off-topic? I would say not. It's broad-ish, but a lot of the answers said that it wasn't possible, for various reasons, so maybe it's straightforward.

How would a war between immortals be fought?

About worldbuilding? Yes, as it defines tactics in a conflict that will impact the entire world (in this case, one nation).

Risking off-topic? Possibly too broad, and it does focus on the actions of individuals - and there are a lot of possibilities, as evidenced by all the answers it got. So maybe this one's closeable.

Could an average person take over the world?

About worldbuilding? Yes; the actions of this person will shape the fate of the entire world.

Risking off-topic? Well, it's currently closed, and one of the close voters was me. I think it's really too broad as it stands; there are loads of possibilities.

How can I make my languages structurally less like English?

About worldbuilding? Heck yes.

Risking off-topic? Again, this one could be too broad, but it's broader than most questions, in my opinion. I think it's fine.

How would government change if everyone died by the age of 25?

About worldbuilding? Yes.

Risking off-topic? It's similar to a What-if? question, but it does set guidelines and explain what I've considered, as well as the background. It also focuses only on small part of my world.


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Non fusion stars: On topic

Immortal wars: Subject is fine but too broad

Average Joe: Too broad. Subject is ok since it's "can" not "should" or "would".

Language structures: On topic.

25: On topic.


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