Today begins our Third topic challenge!


Dates: 9 March - 22 March

Proposed by:

We've only had a handful of creature-design questions, but they've been a joy to ask, answer, comment on, discuss; the works! I can't help but love the idea of a frenzy of questions asking for creature designs - they truly are challenging, interesting and occasionally just a fun question.

Remember to use this tag if you're asking a question as part of the challenge.

In two weeks, we'll announce the stats for users who asked and answered questions using the tag. If you have questions, see the original post or ask in chat. Let the games begin.

Previous Challenges

Fortnightly topic challenge #2: Flora

Fortnightly topic challenge #1: Space


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For the impatient and/or hopelessly competitive minded:

Posts By Votes And Views for Tag in Timerange

Note that data.stackexchange is usually a little bit behind the live-servers so some Questions/Votes might not show up until a few days later.


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